Why You Should Invest in WISE Tokens

Fito KahnNov 13, 2020·4 min read

The WISE token is a decentralized finance staking coin developed by Peter Girr. To quote from the website’s Teal paper, “ Trusting your money in the custody of other humans is inherently risky. This glaring flaw in traditional financial instruments is a primary motivation for developing WISE. The WISE contract aims to ensure that a user can always be in full custody and control of their WISE tokens, even during the course of various economic activities”.

The WISE token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and will be traded on Uniswap, which is the largest decentralized crypto exchange with currently over 3 billion dollars in liquidity.

The main purpose of the WISE token is for it to be used for staking. Staking crypto is similar to how both bonds and CDs are used in banking. Both bonds and CDs reward the holder of them with earned interest in exchange for locking up their funds for a period of time. WISE incorporates some of the features from both of these traditional instruments but improves on them.

From the WISE website Teal paper:

WISE gives the staker complete flexibility in choosing exactly when to withdraw their interest during the life of the stake. You can withdraw interest daily, irregularly, wait until maturity, or whatever you like!

WISE stakes have higher returns, much lower risk (due to being decentralized and trustless), and far higher flexibility than both bonds and CDs. No more trusting banks and governments to stay solvent and not change their rules. No more worrying that a bond issuer may default on you.

WISE is pure, immutable code.”

So in other words, if you have some cash sitting in the bank and are not happy with the returns you are getting, and want a safe place to park your cash and get some great returns and interest on your money, WISE is the perfect vehicle!

Peter was a gamer that learned about crypto and Bitcoin back in 2016 and immediately jumped right in learning everything he could about this new space. He recognized that blockchain technology was going to change the financial services industry but that there was not anything out there yet that could be used on the blockchain. After looking at other companies out there, he decided to create his own staking token that was not only 100% completely decentralized, but also 100% secure since you never give up your private keys. Users of the wise token use the Metamask wallet to stake their tokens and the tokens can be stored offline on any of a number of hardware devices so you always have 100% control of your tokens.

Currently, investors can pre-purchase wise tokens until December 30, 2020, by participating in the WISE Auction. Every day starting November 11th, varying amounts of WISE tokens can be reserved. At the end of the auction, all tokens purchased are distributed. A unique feature of the WISE token is the fact that they will be “locking” liquidity at the end of the token sale.

Key features of the Wise token:

No admin keys
100% Decentralized
100% immutable
Audited by Coinfabrik
90% or more of the initial liquidity will be on Uniswap after the reservation phase.

If this sounds good, here is what you should do next.

  1. Reserve your WISE tokens. WISE has a 50 day launch period for investors to reserve WISE. Each day of launch, about 5 Million WISE are available, which are distributed proportionately according to the amount of total ETH sent for that day.
  2. Lock up your WISE in order to earn interest over the duration. The longer you stake, the more interest you earn. You may access interest at any time for no fee, but ending a stake early penalizes the principal. All fees and penalties are redistributed to other stakers.
  3. Cash-out your WISE instantly and anytime using the Uniswap DEX. While other projects rely on users to slowly build markets for their tokens, the very nature of the WISE contract includes the instant creation of a massive pool of liquidity on Uniswap, featuring no KYC and the ability to swap from your private wallet.
  4. You can reserve your wise tokens right now and get an extra 10% tokens by using this link.

If you missed out on getting into Bitcoin, don’t miss out on getting into WISE.

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