TruBadger — Not a Meme Coin!

Fito Kahn Oct 5 · 4 min read

Meme coins are usually described as cryptocurrency tokens or coins that are created with no particular purpose. Many are created as jokes similar to how memes are used on the Internet and in social media. The first, and most popular meme of this type was a coin called Dogecoin. Dogecoin was created back in 2013 by a software engineer named Billy Markus and an Adobe software engineer named Jackson Palmer who decided that it would be fun to create a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin but with some changes. 

There are some significant differences between meme coins and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum were created to solve real-world problems. Meme coins, on the other hand, typically do not solve a problem. They will usually not have any defined purpose or function.

So if they don’t have any particular purpose, why do people buy Meme coins? I suspect that many people will buy meme coins for several reasons. They might be new to crypto and have heard that it is the next up-and-coming coin to buy. They might have read that some celebrity has bought or is endorsing the new coin, and sometimes people just buy on speculation and feel that it has the potential to 10x or 100x their investment. My feeling is that that the only way to make money from a meme cryptocurrency that doesn’t do anything is to hold it and hope it goes up and then sell it to someone else for a profit if the price goes up. It becomes a waiting game similar to playing the slots in Las Vegas hoping that you will hit it big.

So What about Trubadger?

As a crypto educator and investor, I’m always looking for real projects that solve problems and are not just created to take people’s money. TruBadger’s mission is to do just that. Trubadger's mission is to help the regular person understand crypto in a safe and welcoming community and offer to help those people the opportunity to learn and get involved and become a part of that community. Because it is a newly created token, it has a huge potential to grow and people holding TruBadger tokens stand to benefit as the token rises in value.

What Makes Trubadger Different?

  • Deflationary- in traditional finance, deflation is a bad thing, in crypto, it is a good thing. Deflationary cryptos decrease their market supply as time goes by. In Theory, having fewer tokens over time will increase the value of the remaining tokens. Trubadger’s tokens decrease by having weekly 1% public token burn events to guarantee that deflation.
  • Reflection- All Trubadger holders will receive additional tokens daily through a 3% static reflection with every buy/sell of the token
  • Utility - Trubadger will be used as a commerce token on future TruBadger products. The Trubadger token provides all holders to receive additional tokens for holding the tokens in their wallet with no need for staking. Holders of tokens also benefit from the deflationary nature of the token.
  • Coin Stability funds permanently designated to Liquidity Pool (4%)
  • Marketing and Innovation Fund (2%)
  • Defi Token — DeFi tokens expect to make traditional finance concepts more trustless, decentralized and automated. The Trubadger token can be purchased on several DeFi exchanges using the BNB cryptocurrency.
  • Fully Doxxed Team — The Trubadger team are all seasoned professionals in the Crypto space with years of experience.
  • Anti-whale system — Trubadger has a strict policy on how many tokens you can buy at a time. The Swap/Transfer limit is 2 Trillion TRUBGR per transaction.
  • Weekly burns


  • Based in the United States
  • Early VIP access to 3rd party launches on CBS
  • Manual buybacks of TRUBGR tokens on the open market space to increase the value of TRUBGR immediately.
  • Top-notch support and admin team answering questions and helping you get set up.
  • Community token means the community is asked to vote in major decisions as proven before.
  • WEEKLY AMAs and Weekly Burns.

Contract Address BSC Pancake Swap:0xc003F5193CABE3a6cbB56948dFeaAE2276a6AA5E


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Symbol: TRUBGR

As of the writing of this article, the current price of Trubadger is $0.0000000500808 and the market cap is $40,064,638 with a liquidity of $2,753,996.

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