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November 11, 2023


Fito Kahn is the founder of Cryptocurrency Education Today, a platform dedicated to providing resources and education about cryptocurrencies. He helps guide new and experienced cryptocurrency investors on how to buy and invest safely in cryptocurrencies while avoiding the numerous scams that are so prevalent on the internet.

There are many opportunities and cryptocurrencies out there but many of them should be avoided. The website shows people how to identify good cryptocurrency opportunities from the bad. From learning ways to get started incryptocurrencies, to  ways of increasing your crypto holdings, and even strategies to determinine when to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies this website has timely and current information all in one place.

You can even subscribe to get the latest cryptocurrency opportunities and receive advanced notice of crypto events and new book releases. Fito's most recent release is an online course called "Jumpstart Your Financial Future". It’s the perfect course for anyone wanting to learn all about cryptocurrencies over a couple of days. Put down the TV remote and spend the weekend learning all about cryptocurrencies!

Fito will be speaking at the 1000x Global Cryptocurrency Conference on November 11, 2023.  Click the link to get all the information on the conference and register for your FREE ticket.



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