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Get up to speed quickly with our 1 on 1 coaching calls.

Learning all about cryptocurrencies can be a daunting task. You can try reading books and watching endless hours of videos but if you really want to get started quickly and correctly, the best approach is 1 on 1 coaching from an expert.

I want to help you get started quickly. Our one on one coaching calls cover every detail of your selected track. I make sure that you are comfortable and understand all the concepts of that track and make sure that you are totally satisfied before the end the call. The first step is to set up a date and time. Email info@cryptocurrencyinfo.today for available days and times.

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Track 1

All About Wallets


Per Hour

  • Overview of wallets
  • How to ensure your wallet is secure
  • Walk Through Of Wallet Set Up 


Track 2

All About Exchanges


Per Hour

  • Overview of exchanges
  • connecting wallets to exchanges
  • how to purchase tokens
  • how to transfer tokens

Track 3

How to Leverage Crypto


Per Hour

  • Overview of  Crypto Bots
  • Bot setup
  • Crypto Tax software Set Up

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My guarantee: If you do not feel that you did not gain any new information and new crypto skills after the coaching call, you will receive a full refund.