1000x Global Cryptocurrency Conference

The 1000x Global Cryptocurrency Conference is an online conference that eliminates the inconvenience of travel, lodging, and catering, enabling participants to concentrate purely on acquiring essential knowledge and establishing connections with industry frontrunners. Billed as the worlds largest cryptocurrency conference, it will offer different virtual halls, rooms, and booths.

Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the conference experience – just like at a traditional conference.

Offering the option to access all conference recordings for future reference, the conference will provide an extra layer of value that exceeds what traditional conferences typically offer.

As a visitor, you will learn about the latest developments in tokenization, and web3, strategies and technologies, either at the revolutionary new concept of “Online Exhibitors Booths” (OEB’s) or when attending a live lecture of one of the speakers.

The conference is free to attend until the day of the event (November 11, 2023) when the cost becomes $49.00.

1000x Global Cryptocurrency Conference