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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Explained

There will be a short presentation on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, what they are, how they are impacting the global financial system and why people should learn about them. There will be plenty of time for Q&A


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Why you should attend

If you have been wondering what all the buzz is about Bitcoin you should attend. If you have be curious about Cryptocurrencies, you should attend. If you are interested in learning how Cryptocurrencies are influencing the global financial markets, you should attend

Cryptocurrency 101

Learn about the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and why they have become popular.

What are Wallets

Once you have purchased Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, you need to store them in a Wallet. Learn all about wallets and how they are used to store your cryptocurrencies.

What are Exchanges

Exchanges are used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Learn how to setup and use these exchanges.