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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and More

There are many ways to purchase cryptocurrencies but you need to be aware that depending on how much you are purchasing and how you are paying, there could be substantial waiting times and costly fees.

For small amounts, Coinbase is a very popular option and I suggest that if you are just starting out, you check them out. 

For mobile users, you might want to consider CashApp. Imagine Venmo but better! You can even get a Visa debit card with CashApp and use the App to convert crypto to cash, send and receive crypto and cash, and buy and sell cryptocurrencies and stocks!

If you plan on buying cryptocurrencies on an ongoing basis, I recommend using EasySwipe or EasySwipe allows you to purchase many of the top cryptocurrencies by credit card or bank transfer and works similar to an ATM. If you are a business that wants to start accepting cryptocurrencies, EasySwipe offers several Point of Sale terminals. is the easiest and fastest way to buy the top 20 cryptocurrencies and once you have purchased, subsequent purchases are even easier. 

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First Time Purchasing? Here Are Your Simple Steps To Purchasing Crypto.

Step 1 - Get A Wallet

You will need a wallet to store your cryptocurrency. I recommend the Exodus Wallet . You can install it on your desktop or your smartphone.

The Trust wallet is another great wallet and one of the best ethereum wallets. If you plan on purchasing and storing  BEP2, ERC20 and ERC721, tokens, either of these wallets would be a good choice.

Step 2 - Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies

To purchase bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you will need to create an account at an exchange to facilitate the purchase of your cryptocurrency. If you just want to purchase some cryptocurrencies and do not want to create an account, you can use a service like or  EasySwipe. They are safe, fast, and reliable. 

Step 3 - Purchase your Crypto

Depending on the amount of crypto you want to purchase, you can use credit cards or wire transfers. Credit card purchases are good for amounts of less than $1000 while wire transfers are suggested for amounts over $1000. You will need to provide the exchange with your wallet's public address so they can send you your cryptocurrency.

Need some Help - Get a One on One Coaching call

Interested in getting some help with your first purchase? contact us. We offer one on one coaching calls that will walk you through all the steps needed to buy your first bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies